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gluten free tammy

Gluten Exposure Once gluten-free

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I have only been diagnosed for a little over a week and have been diligent about what I have eaten and drank during this time. However, I was exposed to Gluten while at a party this weekend accidentally and I became very sick that night. Is it possible that after only a week of being gluten-free that I become that sick after having some? I wasnt sick before being diagnosed so it seems odd that having a little would make me sick? Just wondering if anyone else experienced it that soon?

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Yes! It's possible to get sick from gluten even before you go gluten free and anytime afterwards. We have twins with Celiac Disease and each child responds differently even to the same exposures.

On the other hand, my husband and I blame everything on gluten--and joke about it :). It is often difficult to tell what is truly to blame. Just do your very best to avoid gluten...every now and then gluten will get you, and you'll do your best to bounce back!

Hang in there! It gets easier!

Thinking of you!

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