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Can A Baby Have Celiac With Not Real Genetic Ties?

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I'm new here, but recently it was pointed out to me that my 11 mo daughter could have Celiac disease.

What brought this on was my concern about her having 3 light yellow, greasy/ oily poops (she wears cloth diapers, so that's how I know they felt oily).

She usually only goes poop twice a day, every other day, and rarely is it diarrhea. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort during the day, but several nights she has been having trouble sleeping, so I suppose it could be due to discomfort.

She is still breastfed, and started solids around 8 months. She has eaten Kashi toasted O's and I have never noticed anything until now. However, over the weekend she did have more of the cereal than usual. Could the larger amount of gluten filled cereal have brought it on?

What is curious to me is that I am not aware of anyone in mine nor my husbands family that has Celiac Disease. Can it come out of no where?

Has anyone else found their babies poop to be pale yellow and oily?

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Celiac can come out of families' that have not previously had any diagnoses cases of Celiac. Even Prometheus labs have explained that sometimes genes mutate.

Since Celiac is an auto-immune disease, it usually has a "trigger". The problem is no Celiac's can only guess what their trigger was.

Unfortunately testing in patients under 24 months is notoriously inaccurate. (false negatives)

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