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Hebrew National Hot Dogs At Baseball Game

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Hello does anyone know how hot dog's at a baseball stadium would be prepared. At Yankee stadium they sell Hebrew national and I was wondering if it would be safe to eat without a bun thanks.

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Yankees stadium as well as other MLB stadiums are offering gluten-free options, some even gluten-free carts or concession stands.

http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned).com/2012/03/not-just-peanuts-and-cracker-jack.html

Sorry that didn't work. Try this:

"New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium) - Pizza at Famous Famiglia (Section 125); Hebrew National hot dogs, Premio sausages and Boar's Head deli meats (without buns or bread); Kozy Shack pudding at Highlanders (Sections 110, 233, 305, 311, 318, 322, 325 and at the Bleachers); Carvel soft-serve ice cream (Sections 113, 125, 207, 232, 319, 325, 332 and at the Bleachers); vegetable and fruit salads at Melissa's Farmers Market (Gate 4); Redbridge beer at Beers of the World (Sections 110, 134, 206, 222, 226, 232, 312, 322 and at the Bleachers)


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