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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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OK...so please read first before giving answers..

So, I am convinced that my gluten allergy came about last year during my freshman year at college. I started eating wheat (bread) sandwiches every day..previous to that I had not really had wheat bread. I ate it occasionally and ate normal foods that contained wheat as ingrdients with no problems...junk food included...no diet restrictions. However, when I started eating the wheat bread everyday...I am pretty sure that is when my allergy started.

About 9 months later (December 2011), after going to doctors, I went to a nutritionist and found I had many many allergies in addition to a bunch of parasites / bacteria.

So I have been gluten free, dairy free, corn free since January 2012. I still have some lingering problems with the parasites and so I am going to Gastro Doctor soon to get that looked at.

1. I am not sure which came first. The gluten allergy or the parasites, bacteria. I have read that parasites can cause food intolerances / allergies. This is true??? So if eventually all of the bacteria and parasites are gone...do you think the intolerances would go away or I could start reintroducing some foods?

2. Has anyone ever officially outgrown a gluten allergy? I know of people who have gone dairy free and can now tolerate it...but gluten is a different story. Just some thoughts about that as some people say you can, others you can't.

3. I dont know if I have celiacs officially. I will not probably ever know. I started with a gluten free diet after researching and realizing my symptoms fit the gluten intolerance, then went to a nutritionist which confirmed the allergy. I dont think I could do a gluten challenge and go back right now to eating it.

I am just curious if after a signifcant amount of time...do you think I would be able to ever eat regular food again! I am so tired of this diet..I cant stand it! I know a lot of people feel the same but I just am so tired of it!! I dont know how I could do this my whole life. I need real food once in a while!!

The main thing is the parasites/ bacteria. If they did cause food intolerances, which I read it said they could, but then they were killed off and I did not have them, would that mean the intolerances would therefore go away?

Thanks for reading! Any advice. I know some will say its not going to be safe to eat gluten again after being on the diet...but any info would help. Thanks!!!!

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Do you know if you have IgE allergies or IgG/Intolerances? My daughter and I have the IgG type. We have been told to be retested every 3 years. She was intolerant to gluten for 3 years as well as wheat. Then just wheat. Now neither.

So yes, you can outgrow allergies. But it can take laying off of that food for a very long time.

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Only young children, toddlers...etc can outgrow allergies, but not celiac just allergies. Allergies typically get worse as you get older, there is no outgrowing them if you have them in adulthood.

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Only young children, toddlers...etc can outgrow allergies, but not celiac just allergies. Allergies typically get worse as you get older, there is no outgrowing them if you have them in adulthood.

This isn't true. It isn't as common but toy can get an outgrow allergies at any time in life.

If you have an IgE allergy (epi pens and all that) I wouldn't try anything without your Dr's advice. If it's an intolerance, you may overcome it after a strict time of avoidance. If it is Celiac, as mentioned above, it isn't an allergy OR intolerance. It's an autoimmune issue that will never be outgrown.

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About 9 months later (December 2011), after going to doctors, I went to a nutritionist and found I had many many allergies in addition to a bunch of parasites / bacteria.

I am curious as to how the nutritionist diagnosed you with allergies and parasites and bacteria? What was the nutritionist recommending you do for the parasites?

This is not who I would see for this type of diagnosis.

That being said, I would say that depending on what your cause was for developing these intolerances (I'm using the term intolerances since I'm not convinced by your initial post that you have actually had allergy testing), once you eliminate that issue and give yourself a chance to recover, you may be able to return some/all foods back to your diet. Of course if you actually have Celiac Disease, there is no returning to gluten.

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