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Hey all. Just had my endoscopy and blood tests two days ago, so I'm waiting on the results. They did find gastritis of the Antrum (upper part of the stomach). Not diagnosed officially with GERD, but they put me on prilosec with a watch and see attitude. The constant kicked in the stomach feeling is a little less after two days. They took six biopsies of my small intestine, and one of the gastritis to test for H. Pylori.

Just a heads up also to new England folks. Dr. Sheth and the staff at the gastroenterology endoscopy center of Beth Israel in Boston have been wonderful. Though he doubts celiac for me, he's been very conservative in treatment standards, taken all necessary tests, and definitely thinks I'm non celiac gluten sensitive.

As an aside, I've read studies demonstrating lymphcytic infiltrative gastritis in as much as. 50% of celiac patients. So it seems to be a very common disease manifestation anyway. I'm very eager to learn my results, which hopefully will be available shortly.

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I too had blood work and EGD recently. My blood work was neg. I had acid reflux, and gastritis. My biopsy's were neg. I was told that since I'm already lactose intolerant and have IBS that is what it is. He wouldn't even admit that gluten intolerance could be an issue. Stupid dr! I'm glad you have a good dr. Hang in there. This is a great place for info!

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