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Weight Gain After gluten-free?

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My celiac negative daughter has been on a gluten-free diet for 6 weeks. She is doing phenomenal. Stomachaches are nonexistent, no more constipation, less gas, her bad breath is even gone. She is happier than I have seen her in 2 years - YEAH!!!!

Her endocrinologist that she sees for growth hormone deficiency was really excited about the Enterolab test results and the positive response from her gluten-free diet. He has long suspected a food absorption issue for her and he is the one that initially sent us to a pediatric GI specialist to try to figure out why she was underweight.

He left me with the impression that if gluten is really an issue she will start to gain weight but so far she has not gained any at all over the past six weeks. She will be 9 in July and weighs 40 lbs.

When did you see any noticeable change in weight after starting gluten-free diet?



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My son has been g-tube fed (every part of his GI system is messed up) since late September and he hasn't gained any weight. Actually the opposite :( He has *finally* grown in height, he has a 2yr bone age growth delay, so that didn't help the weight at all. His metabolism, lets just say a woman would LOVE to have even a fraction of it! Since he got his g-tube he simply feels 100 times better and has more energy than we ever thought possible. He did get into gluten :angry: about a month ago and what progress we had made, ALL came off. Something very common for him, he gets sick and he loses weight :( . So combine all of those things and it is just going to take a while for him to start packing on the pounds. He has gained a pound since we saw the GI on the 18th of last month, so we are making progress-just slowly!

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