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Blood Sugar Frustration

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Hi everyone. I've always been hypoglycemic but since going gluten-free, I'm having a lot of issues. I was eating vegan prior to my diagnosis but added small amounts of animal protein (eggs, chicken) at my doctor's recommendation. It has helped with the hunger. However, my blood sugar has been dipping a lot and my curve show's that I'm reactive. My endo says she's seen this happen to other people as the heal from any sort of illness and recommends I do something along the lines of the Paleo diet. She says that some folks level out as they heal and I will need to watch this to make sure it doesn't develop into diabetes.

Any experienced advise out there? I'm struggling lately with eating in general (planning, finding the time to cook, finding things that sound good, etc.) Going to the grocery store and meal planning feels overwhelming lately.

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I don't have much advice to give, but I wanted to let you know that I understand your blood sugar struggles. It can be so frustrating. Something that helps me when I'm feeling insatiable is to eat a little glucose (semi-sweet choco. chips).

Fruits, veggies, chicken and rice are my go to foods

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