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Choline - Might Be On To Something!

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Does anyone know of any scientific research on Choline deficiency and Celiac disease. Also any connection to the detox pathway of Oestrogen/Salicylates?

Briefly, I've been taking masses of herbs to detox my liver... when Bea (Yolo) on here suggested I might be Salicylate sensitive and by taking herbs have just been going round in a vicious circle. So, I stopped the herbs, and was struggling to find something to take to help my liver/gallbladder. Remembered the Choline Bitartrate I was given by a nutritionist in pregnancy and remembered also that it helped get rid of a lot of my itching. So I took it last night, and this morning and am hoping that perhaps I am deficient and that's why my liver hasn't been working properly.

Does anyone know also if Inositol should be taken with this and in what amounts? Has Choline worked for anyone else with heavy liver/itching/hives/salicylate sensitivity?

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Really hoping that someone might have some insight on this!

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