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Dh Partners - Who Would Have Thought!

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I started seeing a lovely man a few weeks ago who I just realised today has 100% indications of DH. Even down to those scars we are all familiar with.. and he has the traditional clustering and has it in the traditional areas of the body. He is 'textbook'. It was one of those 'oh my god' moments. Months ago I read on here that celiacs have some unusual powers to attract other celiacs but I didn't think that would apply to DH. It isn't the greatest of attractions especially since mine is still pretty much head to toe.

When I said to him that I was 100% sure he shared my condition he responded by saying it was dairy he couldn't tolerate. Well that sure was an interesting response. I told him some bits and pieces that I thought he could handle including about the damage to the intestine that consequently suffers from the dairy. He is keen to get it all tested. Phew.. I didn't think that 'oh my god' moment would go down that well.

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oh good you knew about it and could tell him!

Must be some attraction...

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