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Hi all,

I have been gluten free for about three months now and have been making great progress. However, I believe I got some gluten exposure last week (through accidentally eating oats), and I have been waking up every morning with one or both of my arms asleep. They aren't 100% - they are about 60% asleep with a lot of tingling. The left side is worse, and the last few days it has been noticeably weaker during the day. It takes more effort to type on the keyboard and my grip and dexterity have suffered. Also, the circulation in my legs seems off; it doesn't seem like the blood is circulating as well, and once or twice they have been slightly cool to the touch.

Since these are symptoms I have had when glutened before, I am assuming I just need to ride this out and maybe get some moderate exercise to get my blood flowing better. However, since they are a bit more sustained than they've been in the past few months, I wanted to run the symptoms by anyone who may have some additional guidance. They are odd, scary sensations, and I really don't know what kind of doctor I would see for them. Since it seems episodic, I feel like no one would be able to observe them and it would just be a waste of time and money.

Thanks a lot for any insight you may have.

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I should also mention that in addition to these symptoms, the last few days I have been experiencing what I believe to be some other symptoms related to nut sensitivity. My tongue has been tingling after eating certain nuts (almond, sometimes with peanut butter, once after eating walnuts, and another time after eating pistachios). So, could the body tingling and weakness be related to that instead??

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