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Smart Grain Bread Label

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I have missed sourdough bread so much - it has always been my favorite. I tried making my own but it wasn't right. I found Smart Grain Sourgdough bread at Whole Foods lately and was thrilled - but I haven't tried it yet. It is from a gluten free bakery (http://www.smartfoodsbakery.com/) but the label includes information that the starter has gluten-free oats and that this makes up less than 2% of the ingredients. It says the oats may have up to 10ppm gluten. I have no problem with gluten-free oats so far. For some reason, I have a psychological block with this bread - I want to eat it so much, but the fabulous clear disclosure is working against me. (sidenote: I obviously have anxiety issues connected to gluten!!!) All companies should be so clear, right? It is clearly labelled gluten-free. Someone out there who has tried it, please tell me if you ate it and that is ok so I can eat this and enjoy it!

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I haven't eaten it but I would.

The gluten-free oats in the starter are probably no different than the gluten-free oats you are fine with.

Both are tested. I'm sure those gluten-free oats you eat are around the same ppm.

I understand you're anxious. But I think they are safe.

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