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Just Diagnosed And Pregnant Help!

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Ok so Just diagnosed and I am glad I have answer but I am freaked out sad and overwhelmed. I am mostly worried about the baby and if there are things I need to watch out for and be aware of. the OB has no experience with this as most docs do not. I guess just any ideas and help would be great. anything that a newbie should know or that you wish you had known would be great. I feel so lost.

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How far along are you? You may find your pregnancy progresses smoother once you are gluten free. I would recommend having your vitamin levels checked, specifically A,B,D,E,K and iron? Ferritin. Celiac affects absorption and deficiencies are common- your dr may need to increase or change your supplements.

As for learning the ins and outs of the diet, that takes time. Stick with whole, unprocessed foods for now. Plain meat, fruits and veggies. Sauces and seasonings frequetly contain gluten check out the Newbie 101 thread under Coping with Celiac- that will get you started.

And welcome!

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