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The Distension Is Gone, But How Soon Until The Bloating Goes Away?

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I recently ended up in the ER with sever distension. I had become so severely distended that they had to do a colon evacuation and foley-cath to drain my bladder and kidneys. It turns out I have Celiac Disease, and have been living on an all gluten diet (times are tough so I have been eating a lot of 99c fast food and ramen noodle type meals). Apparently my body couldn't take it any more and I ended up unconscious, severely distended and rushed to the ER. I'm a decent weight, 6'0ft and 180lbs. I was released after the distension was safe enough for my organs to function without pressure, however I am still extremely bloated. I am on day 3 of the gluten free diet, but am concerned, how long will this bloating last? Does it eventually go away if I stay 100% gluten-free?

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I am so sorry you were in the ER...and welcome to the new gluten-free Family!

So, you went gluten-free three days ago? Just want to say, you must know your body when through some serious trauma just recently. Given that, healing must take place...and that requires time. Did the Dr's say anything about your consumption of liquids??? Increasing them, is what I mean...and of course gluten-free.

I am a newbie to this family as well, so only two months into this myself. I am in medicine however and work as PCT for a Dr of internal medicine. (he has been very helpful through my diagnosis) Anyway, to heal from any sort of trauma, liquids working through your system for "flushing" is so important in any case. This will take some time. Also, my two cents here, when I started my gluten-free diet, I did not, have not used ANY processed foods of any type. To heal, we need to do the most natural products in the beginning. Mostly fresh veggies, fresh fruits, fresh meat, poultry, and fish. I started to see the "bloating" and edema make a huge difference in a week and a half. I lost 11 lbs in that timeframe. I drank over 8/8oz glasses of water plus coffee in the morning every day.

Wishing you better health soon. :)

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