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My GI clinic just called and said my biopsies confirmed the Celiac Sprue. I am sure I will have a million questions once the initial shock wears off. I guess I just thought it would end up that I didn't have it after all. I had them fax me a copy of my reports. Looks like I got some problems in there:

I have increased intraepithelial lymphocytes of the duodenum. Endoscopicly, the folds did seem flat in the post-bulbar area.

In my stomach I have non-neoplastic gastric mucosa with minimal chronic inflammation of the lamina propria. GI did tell husband he noted stomach inflammation endoscopicly.

There was some tortuosity of the sigmoid.

Moderate sized hemorrhoids internally and within the anal canal.

I was told to continue my gluten-free diet, which I'm not even on. LOL

So, I guess I have to start that when I get money for new groceries. :(

I'm new to all this so guess I need to start looking into what I can have and can't have now and make a list of things I can't have anymore. Does anyone have a good resource for this?

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The good thing is now you know. Go to the coping section and read Celiac 101. That should give you some good info. Ask any questions you need to and we will do the best we can to help you transistion into the gluten free lifestyle.

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Try these links for useful information:

Unsafe ingredients.

Safe ingredients.

Here's a list of companies that have a clear gluten policy. If you don't see "wheat, rye, barley, barley malt, oats" on the labels, its not there, or hidden in "flavors, starches, etc."

I am not a supporter of lists--they are out of date the minute that you print them. Formulas are constantly changing. That is why I like to buy from companies who will label clearly (see the third link above). Always read the label.

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