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Best Grocey Store In Denver For Gluten Free

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Hi all and thank you for looking. I was just diagnosed with full blown Celiac Disease. I am in the middle of researching and as you know this is a huge undertaking. I would appreciate any feedback and recommendations as to which stores in the Denver area have the best selection of Gluten Free products. Not just premade foods, but also the ingredients I'm going to need to have in the pantry for cooking.

Again thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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Welcome to the forum! My daughter lives in Denver and likes to shop at Whole Foods although she also shops at Safeway and Target. That said, she doesn't eat many processed foods. Your best bet right now is to concentrate on a whole foods diet...think fresh fruits, veggies, meats/fish, eggs and dairy if you can handle it (many of us were lactose intolerant when first diagnosed).

You might also want to check out the Newbie 101 thread posted by Irish Heart. It has some valuable info, which might be of benefit to you.

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Check out Vitamin Cottage. It is my absolute favorite. It's like Whole Foods but without all the bells and whistles. As a result their prices are much better.

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I live in Denver and I'll be happy to help!

When I was diagnosed 5 years ago, there were slim pickin's. Now, our world is so much "more normal".

My favorite store in Denver is Vitamin Cottage. They have the best selection and prices in town. I'll note that some locations can carry slightly different selections of items, so I suggest that you visit a few and thoroughly examine the choices out there.

Whole Foods is good, but is typically 20-50% higher, depending on the item. They DO have some things that VC doesn't carry, for example their own brand of gluten-free baked goods are overall quite good (in their own freezer section, brown labels. Scones and pies are excellent).

SuperTarget has "some things", as does most the local chains. Note that the regular chains charge A LOT more than you'd expect for the same items.

It's important that no matter where you shop or what you buy, that you start to read every label (and also know what the prices should be). It's easy to load your cart to $100 with 1/3 of what you used to be able to carry home for that money.

Here are my favorite brands, this should get you started (others here can chime in and/or you should read many of the postings here):

Pasta: Tinkyada Brown Rice is very good. DeBoles is horrible. all gluten-free pasta is best fresh, not so much for leftovers.

Boulder Sausage, Hormel Meats/Bacon, Costco Ham...all great gluten-free (always read label, sometimes variety makes a difference).

Chex Cereals (most varieties)

Oats: many Celiacs react even to certified gluten-free varieties, including me. I can't tolerate oats in anything (some gluten-free stuff has it in it).

Pamela's Cookies.

Most cheese is ok; Sargento, Target, Kraft

Conte's gluten-free frozen ravioli, the only good one I've found.

Bread, Buns, Rolls: Udi's or Rudy's (both local CO. Keep trying the varieties until you find your personal favorite.

Against The Grain: Pizza crusts, pizza and Baguette rolls (the ONLY BRAND that is really good. @ some Vitamin Cottages).

Many Kirkland products at Costco (check label).


Consistently GOOD: Chipotle, Pei Wei, PF Chang's, Outback Steakhouse, Abruschi's Italian, Ling & Louie's (Northfield), Turley's (Boulder), the Brazilian Steakhouses (language is sometimes a barrier, but they have gluten-free food) and The Original Pancake House (expensive breakfast).

NOT so happy with Maggiano's, Chili's or Ted's Montana Grill

I'd be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Good luck, it's hard but it CAN be done and you'll feel so much better.

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Thank you to all three of you. I will read the Newbie 101 thread. Also, thanks for above and beyond with not just stores but also listing brands with specific items. I'm a sponge so if anyone out there has more to add, feel free and thanks in advance.

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