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Jack Black Intense Lip Balms

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Just wanted to share some good information about the Jack Black line of lip balms. I just spoke with the manufacturer, and they are gluten-free!

The products contain Vitamin E/Tocopheryl Acetate, which I have learned can be derived from either wheat, soy or corn. There wasn't anything noted on the company's site or elsewhere on the Internet, so I contacted them directly.

The person I spoke with put me on hold to confirm. When she returned, she stated that all of their lip balms are gluten-free. I was extremely appreciative and suggested that they update their website with this information since there are many people who could benefit from this info! This is one of the few lip balms that has worked for me, and it has SPF 25, so I am really excited I don't have to give it up! :)

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Jack Black, the actor that was in the movie School of Rock, is gluten free. Is he now making lip balm? :blink: NOPE I just looked, the company name was chosen before the actor/comic became famous. just coincidence that they are both gluten free. :lol:

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