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My mom volunteers for a non-profit exchange program here on the east coast of the US. She recently noticed a young man who has celiac disease and is coming to the US for a year. The students who come live in a host family during their stay and attend the local high school.

My parents and I cannot host at this point in our lives, but my mom believes that it would be best if he had host family who follows a celiac diet. The student's designated region is on the east coast of the US.

My mom asked me to post on this forum (she knows that I have gotten support and knowledge here in the past) to see if there might be someone interested in learning more about hosting this young man (interest is understood to be wanting more information and nothing more). Please message back if you would like information or have any questions.

I understand that hosting is not for everyone, but if you know anyone or you yourself would like more information please reach out to me. I myself was an exchange student and had a wonderful experience made all the more special by the strong bond with my host family.

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