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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Going To Las Vegas Help!

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I am a Las Vegas resident...

You have many options.

Rule #1 -- Buffets are not friendly to Celiacs --- too much cross-contamination - way too much.

Rule#2 - We have Outback Steakhouse on the strip

(702) 251-7770

3411 Las Vegas Blvd S

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rule #3 - Don't be afraid to bring your own toaster and/or buy a cheap $10 toaster while you are here -- it makes it much easier.

Rule#4 We also have Pf Changs (gluten free menu) -- it is between Aladdin and Bally's.

702) 836-0955

(702) 836-1963

3667 Las Vegas Blvd S

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rule#5 We have Maggiano's (Italian place that served gluten free pasta) -- it is located near the fashion show mall on the Strip

702) 650-3003

(702) 732-2550

3200 Las Vegas Blvd S

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rule #6 -- We have McD's, Wendy's, In N Out Burger, Arby's, etc

Rule#7 -- We have Wild Oats, Whole Foods (although they are not on the Strip)

Rule #9 -- If you need any other kind of help and other individual recommendations, feel free to e-mail me.....broncobux2000@yahoo.com

Hope this helps!

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I will be heading to LV in a few months so the list is greatly appreciated....Thanks!


One thing I do when I travel is to request from the hotel a mini-fridge for my room. That way I can then go to the local health food store and buy some gluten-free supplies to keep me going (Fruit, Crackers, Cheese, Lunch Meat, Chips, Cereal, Almond Milk, etc.)

Best of Luck!

Cleveland Bob B)

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I have been looking for stuff to eat there and I am not comming up with anything! Dose anybody have any Ideas?I am new at this. I have been celiac disease for about 2 months. ;)


You can also join LV Celiac Disease Support Group We might have some restaurants that haven't been mentioned yet.

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woo hoo vegas! i read a few posts on this previous... which is good b/c i will be in vegas over thanksgiving too. anyone ever eat at the myriad of restaurants in the bellagio? that's where i will be staying. i am also seeing the show "O"...pretty excited. my parents are coming over tonight for pf changs and some practice black jack playing with my dh and i :)

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I'm a Silly Yak member and I read a recent message from someone with celiac disease that stayed at Bellagio. They contacted the hotel ahead of time and they we're really accomadating. When they made reservations at the Bellagio rest. thay had a card on their table that had the restrictions listed. I'm not sure how long ago they went but it sounds like they had a great expierence.

Next time I go to LV I'm staying at Bellagio!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful time and I wish I was there. :D

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