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Wallpaper Paste

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I have been suffering from gluten symptoms since the weekend and assuming that the chocolate brownies I made at the weekend (with supposedly gluten-free ingredients) must have been contaminated. As I was grieving for them (they were very yum!) and thinking I would have to chuck them out or give them away, I had a flash of inspiration that maybe the reaction was due to the wallpaper paste I was using at the weekend.

I looked it up on this forum and there were some references that questioned it and some links to follow up which I did, and lo and behold:

"The glue property of gluten is still used today to make wallpaper paste. The old-fashioned way of making wallpaper paste was to mix up high gluten flour and warm water into a soupy paste that would be applied to the back of wallpaper to get it to stick to the walls. It

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Sorry you got glutened. If you need to paper again just be sure to wear gloves and a mask. That also applies if you are removing wallpaper. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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