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I've had trouble with our local CVS and will only use them now when I have no other choice. I was told they didn't have access to the internet and that they didn't have phone numbers to their suppliers. HUH? I asked one time to look at the package insert so I could read the inactive ingredients. I had to show them where on the insert where they were listed. I just don't think he wanted to take the time or cared. My accout in flagged, but they have never checked for me. I always get the same run around.

I now use a localy owned pharmacy and they will call on every refill for me. Our accounts are flagged also. I do remind them at every refill or new script just in case though. There was one time I was unable to fill a prescription for an antibiotic. They called the manufacturer and the manufacturer told them that there may or may not be wheat in the pills. Since the company didn't know if it was in there or not, I had to go to another pharmacy, but did the calling myself. They understood why I wouldn't fill it. They also do compounding there so if I ever needed that it's available.

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