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Endo/colonoscopy This Week - Tips?

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Hi all!! I have been putting off going through with these tests due to the inconvenience and feeling reasonably sure my symptoms are Celiac, and I can just self-treat. However, this past week, I have been unable to eat or even tolerate drinks (water included). I was so stressed out and my body went berzerk. After eating a few bites of anything, I began to get incredibly nauseated and then, for hours, would hurt and feel sick and weak and faint.

Finally, this weekend, I felt a little better... and here we are, Monday morning, I am so ill again. Even to the point of stuffed/ringing ears (blood pressure?) and feeling like I am going to black out.

Hubby is worried so he really put his foot down on me getting these tests. I am scheduled for Thurs (it's Monday today). What should I ask the doctor? Biopsies? If you have Celiac, but have been eating gluten-free, will it show still?

I am so afraid of them saying everything looks great! I know that would be good but... would leave me with no explanation. I am wondering now about ulcers. I have very sharp, specific places that feel like cigarette burns throughout... always in the same places.

Anyway... any guidance would be great. I really don't want to go through this again. My blood work came back totally normal, but I had been gluten-free beforehand so... who knows.


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Yes, make sure your doctor is doing some celiac biopsies. Ask for plenty; some doctors only take a couple and damage can be patchy. Good celiac doctors do 7-10 biopsies. As you mentioned it might not come back positive since you've been gluten-free but it's worth having done since they are scoping you anyway. Good luck!

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