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Travel For Those Who Can't Eat Anything Processed.

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We are going to Colorado for a week. Because of celiac and a corn and dairy allergy, I can't eat anything processed. I have to cook all of my own foods. How can I do this away from home? I will have access to a kitchenette where we are staying but we wont be hanging out there, it will be a home base b/c we are going to be out and about hiking and things like that.

What kinds of things can I cook and pack to take hiking?

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I've managed this a few times. I bring a cooler that plugs into the car, and a mini microwave. I make up meals in advance and put them in individual containers. You can freeze things that you won't be eating for a few days. You can also bring dehydrated mixes for soups. Nuts work well, I crack, wash, and roast before leaving. Coffee I wash and grind before leaving and I bring my own coffee maker just in case. I have brought my little microwave into rest areas to heat up food, or you can just eat dehydrated fruit and nuts on the road. It's a lot of preparation, but there is nothing that ruins a trip like getting glutened!

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Maybe I should not admit it. I cook in my hotel room. I bring an electric skillet and my food and stuff the little refrigerater full. I also bring a large stainless steel kettle to wash dishes in. I sometimes bring a crock pot. Once a maid complained when she saw the crock pot. Our pot was moved to the lobby for the rest of the day. All was well when supper came up and we hauled it out to the picnic table to eat it. If a hotel offers a room with full cooking possibilities we take it, but if they don't....I gotta do what I gotta do.

I carefully plan recipes and necessary utensils to cook with. I usually pack food for 7, instead of filling the car with souveniers, we empty the car as we go! Things I have cooked:


wraps (I posted the recipe I believe)

hot dogs


pork chops

frozen vegetables

In other words practically anything.

If I can't cook, such as on an airplane, I take boiled eggs along with carrot sticks. I took a 20 hour plane trip once. I brought cans of meat and my own buns. You have options.

I posted another day about my car oven. I have used to heat up homemade meals on the road. Rest areas sometimes have outlets you could plug a skillet or toaster oven into. I don't recommend microwaves at any time.

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