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The King Of Threads - Info On Celiac Disease

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You've heard about it, you've read about it, you've seen it on roadside billboards! (Insert John Philliip Souza marching band music here). And now here it is! The King of Threads! The thread of threads! The one thread to rule them all!

The King of threads is a handy repository of the sum of all knowledge about celiac from all ages, from all lands, and from all species. Here you can list (and also find) your favorite threads, blogs, articles, sites etc about celiac disease and related conditions.

The posts can contain one or more links. Please use a post format such as:




Short description

Thread title

Thread post


If it is a thread please note the favorite post or list all posts if appropriate.

Type: field i.e. thread, blog, article, research paper, site,


Type: Thread

Location: Celiac.com

Topic: Useful info on celiac

Short description: Listing of useful threads and information about celiac

Thread title: The King of threads

Thread post: All posts

Description: A thread listing useful threads, posts, article, blogs, sites and info gathered from many lands, people, ages and species.

The King of Threads

Eventually the King of threads will be consolidated into a compact format and and transcribed on to small circular disk for space launch into a distant galaxy. Until that happens we can add our ideas of useful info to help people living with celiac disease or related conditions in our local world.

Some possible topics/short descriptions

gluten-free diet - Getting started, tips

gluten-free diet - Inspiration

gluten-free diet - recipe

Celiac - testing

Celiac - Diagnosis

gluten-free diet - Humor

Other topics are allowed, these are just suggestions for starters.

Ok, so go ahead and start posting your favorite threads, blogs, articles, etc. The King of threads is waiting impatiently!

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