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Dh? ( No Pics, But A Pic Of What Is Similar To Mine)

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Hey guys! So i've recently started posting in here, and am enjoying it. I have nearly all symptoms of celiac disease, but have been refused by doctors to be tested. I have developed a rash just a day after my last doctor visit, and want to show it to him, but want to be fairly certain its DH first..

But, unlike most descriptions, I find my rash is very spread apart around my body. Mostly I have groups of two, about every six inches on my body. For example, two on my neck, about three on my chest, maybe about six on my stomach. They're scabby, patchy, and only itchy if my clothes are rubbing on them or if i've started scratching that area... So i feel like it doesn't match DH description

Although, in my groin region, the description matches a lot more closely. They're very close together, alot more itchy than the rest of my body.

This pic is not me!!! I am female!!!!! But i found this in another post and its like my rash's twin.... (Warning Male Anatomy!)


Sooo, in my own head, can i sort of confirm i have HD? and am most likely celiac? its been SOOO frustrating having all the sickness but being told I dont have it from my doctor, so in my own head i just really want to confirm this and gain some sense of whats going on. Thanks!!!

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I know that the appearance of DH can vary, but I'm wondering if your lesions also hurt. DH causes neuralgia, which means that it feels like a herpes sore (hence, the term "herpiformis")--it both itches and hurts. Also, are your lesions pretty much in the same spot on both sides of the body? Not all DH is symmetrical, but it usually is because it's a systemic disease.

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