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Elevation Burger Not Gluten-Free

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I had been told that Elevation Burger was gluten-free as long as you ordered your burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun and that the fries are gluten-free just as they are.

I went to a new Elevation Burger in Tysons Corner Mall in Virginia and observed the preparation of the burgers. I was horrified at what I saw! They were warming the buns on top of the iron plates that they were cooking the burgers on! Then they would use the same spatula to take the bun off the plate that they used to take the burgers off the plates. Cross contamination all over the place! When I asked if they had a separate area where they could prepare burgers for folks who needed to stay gluten-free they told me that they did not and that it would probably be best not to eat there if I was that sensitive.

So -- I tried the Elevation Burger in Falls Church today. They have a separate grill for the burgers then they do for the buns ... or so I thought. I don't know where the gluten came from but within 25 minutes of leaving the restaurant I was racing for a bathroom! <_<

These two Elevation Burger places should be avoided at all costs by Celiacs! I am so disappointed. I have worked so hard to stay gluten-free for 3 years now and all the work I've done has now been completely undone in one sitting. :-( So, so, so sad.

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Yep, ya gotta ask every time. We are not at the point where we can assume any place is safe for us to eat. Even places with gluten-free menus are not always reliable. Buyer beware should probably be the celiac motto. :)

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