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My convo with my company owner and boss:

Boss: Well you look good

Me: He! Right

Boss: what you been doing still at the gym

Me: No just eating gluten everyday

Boss: Really where do you get that?

Me: It's in just about everything

Boss : Oh well it's working cause you still look good

Honestly just because i look skinnier doesnt mean i look good! Come on. The bags under my eyes my black eyes and round puffy face. I would rather be six months gluten free and have to grind it out at the gym than feel like this. Yes it appears so much easier but just let me make an example for you. How would you feel to have a severe flu virus every single day, have severe abdominal bloating until it feels your stomach may squeeze out of your ribs, have a vampire suck out a third of your red blood cells every night, have a urinary tract infection (thats what interstitial cystitis feels like) and wake up feeling like you got ran over by a car? How would you feel if someone then told you that you should keep doing what you are doing because you look good?

Just venting y'all.

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