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First Trip To New Orleans Gluten Free

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Hi all! We are headed to New Orleans next week to enjoy some hot and humid weather and fine gluten free cuisine.

Last time I was there I had the best french toast I have ever tasted in my life...along with all the other NO delicacies, most of which I can't spell: gumbo, begniets?, po'boys, lots of yummy beer. This time I have a 9 year old fellow gfdf child with me and I'm guessing it's going to be very different. (Re reading it's funny that they are "NO" delicacies to us as far as we're concerned)

We are staying at the Riverside Hilton which on the map looks like we can fairy easily get to the French Quarter. The hotel has a couple of pretty pricey restaurants which I'm guessing will be our only options there.

Any recommendations for this area for gluten free eating? I don't want to say money isn't an object, because of course it is, but we know when we travel that we just have to pay more for our food. Plus it beats spending the vacation in bed or in the bathroom. So...I'll take any and all suggestions.

Also, let me know if it's a place I"ll need to make reservations before I go. With a child we can obviously eat pretty early but I know it can get pretty busy.


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Virtually any of the finer restaurants in the French Quarter will have a chef who knows about gluten, although NO cuisine is rife with gluten. It's expensive, but I'd consider Commander's Palace, which is a streetcar ride up St. Charles to the Garden District (or take your car if you have one). Delicious and they know about special diets. The Acme Oyster Bar in the Quarter uses corn meal for fish and other things, but check if the fryer is dedicated. Broiled, grilled, or steamed seafood will be OK, and jambalaya and red beans and rice are traditionally gluten-free. Gumbo (boo hoo) and etouffe (sp?) will pretty much always have wheat.


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New Orleans was one of our harder places to travel but we managed. The Lucky Dog hot dog stands are all over the French Quarter and the hot dogs and chili are gluten free and dairy free. The were very helpful with us in changing gloves and putting into a container that we could eat it without the bun. Super yummy!!

We had a great meal at Napoleon's in the French Quarter. The Red Beans and Rice meal came with sausage and salad and was delicious. I wish I were eating that right now!

Bubba Gumps is also in the French Quarter so that is an option. They take gluten free very seriously there and our waiter was so helpful and knowledgeable.

We had several meals in the Marriott where we stayed and twice we went next door for Arby's roast beef and horsey sauce.

Have a great trip! New Orleans is my favorite city in the world.

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