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2Nd Opinon On Biopsy

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Another post I read got me thinking - how does one get a second opinion on a biopsy? Is there any place in the USA that "specializes" in celiac disease? I would think somewhere like that would be the place to go. Does the original place of biopsy even keep the specimin or is it on slides? I'm not at all sure how this works. Would I have to go through my doctor - I don't really want to go that route.


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Hi Jane,

I know for a fact that there is a "Celiac Center" at the University of Chicago. I may go there myself with all of my tests to see what they tell me. My Mother actually went there when she was diagnosed 30 years ago and then it was only for children, but they were accepting some adults.

Laura :)

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I do not understand why you have not called the doctor I told you about many months ago? :blink:

He will diagnose you! He can also send you for a biopsy of your DH.

He is the most celiac-savvy doc in this tri-city area.

If not, try and get an appt. with Dr. Fasano in Maryland maybe?

Hon, every time I tell you this, you seem to ignore it and then, months later, you post yet again and ask who can help you.

I simply do not understand why you do not give him a call.

I told you, honey. Call Dr. Gusten at Saratoga-Schenectady Gastro.

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