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Elevated Tranglutaminase Iga?

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I am new to this forum.

I have been gluten-free for just over 1 year, and whilst my symptoms are better (though not yet perfect)and whilst my most recent bloods were slightly improved in terms of absorption of nutrition (iron, B12, folate, D3 etc), my transglutaminase IgA was higher than six months ago, by alot (at diagnosis it was off the scale positive, then down to 95 then up to 150 - a high positive).

I have read these blood tests may stay elevated for some time, or might never get to 'zero' but I haven't read anything that says such a spike is 'okay.' Celiac Australia says to ignore it and ask for a biopsy at around the 2 year gluten-free mark, as this is considered the ONLY way to confirm healing is taking place. My gastro guy also said to focus on the other results and my improved bloods and symptoms - which I am happy to do, but this spike in IgA is bugging me - does it mean I'm getting gluten from somewhere?

I am very careful, though I don't exile gluten from the home / toiletries / pet food as some people seem to - Celiac Australia says this unnecessary, and I don't see why these things should be a problem so long as me and my partner wash our hands when handling pet food, for example. I choose not to eat out or at friends because I just find it easier: I can't be bothered with interrogating friends/family/waiters etc about food handling and ingredients, and I can just have a drink when I socialise - I am happy with this though it seems to bother others... No my problem!

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting CC - and yet, the elevated IgA confuses me!!

Anyhow, thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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Have you been tested for any other autoimmune conditions? Not to make you nervous, but the TtG can be elevated by some other conditions such as diabetes, thyroiditis, liver conditions. One of the really common companions to celiac is autoimmune thyroiditis.

Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for welcome!

I asked the gastro if my results could mean 'anything else' and he said No!... My GP said the transglutaminase IgA is specific to celiac. I have had thyroid checked before and will get it checked again soon. I'll hassle him again about other conditions. Thank you.

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