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Mission Trip Gone Wrong....

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So my husband signed up at church to take the girls to a food bank to pack food. He takes them away on Thursdays so I can do a women's Bible study. Anyway...he comes home and my celiac child has cereal all over her. Corn pops. So I am thinking everything is fine until he tells me it has wheat flour in it. (I have never looked because I hate them) They packed LOOSE cereal in a zip lock bag for 3 hours. It was in 8 foot tall silos! He moved her to just zip the bags but it is in her hair, on her clothes. I sent her to the shower asap. She has no symptoms so I won't know for sure but I am 99.9% sure she got some cc today! Maybe not even CC...maybe the whole shabang. UGGG!!! Then to make it even worse, they walked in the house with it in the treads of their shoes. I am about to go crazy!

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I totally understand your frustration and how it must feel ;-( Feels like world war is striking in my home if anything contains gluten makes it through the door. Don't stress.. it already happened and there's nothing you can do to change that. Perhaps next time it would be a good idea to check what type of food is involved before someone in the family is involved and gets it all over them.

Are your floors wood or carpeted?

This all means that you're a good mother though, and your daughter will be find because she has an extra careful mom like you :-)

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