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You Find Out Who Your Friends Are...


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  1. 1. Have you lost any friends because of your celiac diagnosis?

    • Yes and it sucks.
    • No way, everyone has been very understanding.
    • Yes but its good riddance anyway.

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      My diagnosis has caused me to be the one to shy away from my old friends because I don't want to be a pain to them.

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Thanks guys.

It really stinks finding out somebody who know you - knows your character - professes love - and walks away from you when you can't get a medical diagnosis for your crippling condition.

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I might not be popular, but I am trying to see the other side too. While I don't know, if any of this applies to your situation, but some people make their disease their indentity and complain about it everyday and almost every minute. I had a friend who was complaining all the time(while not about disease) and I would feel so exausted and feeling bad after our meetings,that I told her, that either she will start looking for solutions for her problems(as she always found exuses why my proposed solutions would't work), or I can't be friends with her. I call this emotional vampire situation, while unintentional. I am sure she found others to terorize, and from then we were just occasional friends which was such a relief.

Of course, if your friend is truly doing things on purpose to annoy and even make you sick, then don't worry about loosing her - rejoice in it!

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