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Airport Security And Supplements?

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If they are in the original bottles, I would think that would be even better.

The problem with airport security is it is inconsistent. I have had a kid accidently take a gatorade in his bag and no one caught it. Then I have had them stop to look at other, allowed things. I try to be prepared for anything. :blink:

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not a silly question.. i was wondering the same thing.. i havent flown in almost 2 years.. and im going to be flying in August... now that ive been dx w/thyroid crap- and i now have my Armour & Cytomel ... im starting to think i need to buy 1 supplement that has all the rest in one capsule.. cause i take A LOT of stuff... and i cant just carry my L-Glutamine Powder in a baggie...

so i was wondering if i should buy something like Celiact ??

funny too- im watching Jane Fonda on tv now- explaining how when she was arrested for "smuggling drugs thru Canada"- all she had was her daily compartments of vitamins :/

ya, annoying- cause i depend on SO many different supplements: vit d, l-glutamine, b12, selenium, blah blah blah... then my Armour & Cytomel which i CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.... plus u got all the things we need for emergency- like Gas-x, and Zantac, Digestive Enzymes, Xanax, Advil, Advil pm.. OY VEY

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My hubby travels for his job 5 days a week. He goes throughout the US, but also France, Mexico, Sweden, and Germany. He always carries his meds/vitamin supplements in those plastic day of the week boxes. He carries 2 because he has a lot of meds. He has never had a problem going through security with them. However, it's recommended by the airlines that you take prescription meds in their original container and packed in a zip lock baggie.

Liquid meds are limited to only 3.4 ounces. A large bottle with a small amount of liquid is not allowed even if it contains less than 3.4 ounces.

One very important thing my hubby has learned..keep your meds in your carry on lugguge/purse. It's not uncommon to have your luggage get set aside when switching planes and you could arrive at your destination without your lugguge. Supplements can be packed in your regular luggage if you're short on space. If your luggage "goes missing" they can easily be replaced in local stores, whereas RX meds can't.

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