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Anyone know about this supplement or know where to find out about it?

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Gluten Ease won't make it safe to eat a bagel. DPP-IV has been looked at for detoxifying gluten but there are only a few studies and the results are mixed. It definitely doesn't work on high-gluten foods. The company that makes it cites a couple studies suggesting that it might help with CC. I haven't tried it myself because I'm not that sensitive to CC to know whether it makes a difference.

GlutenEase has some carbohydrate digestive enzymes that some people find really helpful with bloating and discomfort after eating gluten-free breads and pasta. Some people use GlutenEase if they are in situations where they feel like they've done their best to get a gluten-free meal but there is still some risk of CC, like traveling or at a friend's house. I think if you search you'll find some people posting that they've found it helpful.

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