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Coming In Contact With Gluten

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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I figured I would start here. My kids and I are gluten and dairy free. I feel that removing these foods from our diet has helped all of us. We have also suspected a fish allergy (not intolerance) in my daughter because she reacted the last two times she had it. Her blood test came back fine, but the allergist said the blood test is not as sensitive as the skin prick test. She could not do the test in the office today because the insurance company systems were down, and she did not have the 2 fish in question. She suggested rubbing some cooked fish on her skin and seeing if she reacts. I have to giggle at the thought of rubbing fish on my daughter, but maybe there could be some validity in this.

I've read on here about people washing hands as soon as they handle bread for a family member, etc. What happens to those of you that come in contact with something you are allergic or sensitive to? I know everyone is different and has different reactions, but I am curious to hear any thoughts. Should I go cook some Mahi Mahi and rub it on my daughters arm :)

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Merely coming into physical contact with gluten or gluten containing foods and products shouldn't be a problem as long as you are washing your hands before touching other things. If someone has an actual wheat allergy though, all contact should be completely avoided. I have celiac and handle have handled my husband's foods all the time with no issues. I had to teach him how to knead and roll out his own pizza dough and simply washed up real well when I was finished. I would recommend if working with flours at all to change your shirt and be sure to wash up to your elbows when you are finished. (And be sure not to rub an itchy nose on the back of your arm!)

As for true allergies, I'm not particularly familiar with testing as I haven't had it done. I do know that I break out in hives every time my husband's stinkin' evil cat rubs up on my legs. Maybe that counts as an allergy test? As long as you aren't fearing a life threatening reaction I don't see any harm in rubbing fish on her, although I'm not sure the doctor won't just want to do the actual test next time you're in anyway. Of course, her friends may not want to play with her for the rest of the day. :lol:

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