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Hi all! I am new to this board. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease just a couple of months ago. While I'm feeling a lot better now that I'm gluten free I'm still having some symptoms and am guessing I'm allergic to some other food(s). My symptoms are bloated stomache, often feels almost like it's just filling up with air, and just a bad stomachache, as well as a really dry mouth with a bad taste in the morning. Often so bad I'll get up and brush my teeth in the middle of the night because I can't sleep. Any ideas? Thank you!!!

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Other food intolerances are a possibilty, but first make sure you aren't getting gluten somewhere. If you are in a shared household, cross contamination is a real possibility. Do you have your own toaster, cutting board, etc?

Take a look at your toiletries- toothpaste and lotions often have gluten, as do chapsticks/ lipsticks.

Pets? Most pet food contains gluten. If it is getting tracked around, or pet licks you after eating- bam. Contamination.

Medications and vitamins? Gluten is often a filler.

Condiments- if you share them withhh gluten eaters, you will get "crumbed" you need your own, or use squeeze bottles.

Do you eat out much? Even restaurants with a gluten-free menu usually don't take precautions against contamination in the kitchen, unless you ask.

Hope maybe one of these makes the lightbulb go on for you!

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It's oftentimes helpful to eliminate both dairy and soy when you first go gluten free and then add them back in later. I'm completely intolerant of soy and also oats (even the gluten-free type). However, dairy has never been a problem. For many people on this board, however, dairy IS a problem (at least, at first). While your gut is healing, it really is advisable to eliminate other possible intolerances.

Also, when you first go gluten free, you should avoid processed gluten-free products because the grains and gums that are used are ones that your digestive system is not accustomed to. Going purely natural (fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, meat, rice, etc.) can be very helpful in the beginning.

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