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Dh Feeling A Lot Better On gluten-free But Still Problems, Lactose?

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So, my husband was diagnosed at 11yrs old with coeliac but back in the day his mother was told that once he was symptom free he would have "grown out of it". He was gluten-free for 3 years and then gradually symptoms developed until he had dermatitis hepatformus (same condition he had at 11) and he realised he still had coeliac :blink:

He has been gluten-free for a month or so now and his depression has lifted, anxiety lower, bloating gone, energy up, bowel movements daily (he didn't know that was normal) etc etc

But he still gets occasional bloating and loose stools and feels uncomfy and bloated - but with no clear gluten related cause.

Could he be reacting to lactose and should he cut it out for a while to give his gut time to fully repair? If so how long?



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It would be helpful to keep a food/symptom journal. That can point out if it is a problem with lactose, another food intolerance, or cc of one or more of his foods.

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