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New Reactions To Nightshades And Strawberries

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Hi all,

I have questions about two different foods. I'm home sick for the second day with an apparent double whammy. I've been gluten free for four months, but I have leaky gut issues. There aren't many things left I can eat at this point without a reaction. I increasingly fear there will be nothing left for me to eat. Yikes!!!

The last few days, I have discovered what seems to be a nightshade intolerance from eating salsa prepared fresh from Whole Foods. Been eating it daily for weeks, then a sudden reaction. It's the only pre-prepared food I ever eat. Everything else is a whole food I prepare myself. It has both tomatoes and peppers in it. My first question is about potatoes. My N.D. had asked me to add them to my diet. I have been fine with them recently, and I have read that people react to potatoes far less often that the other nightshades. So my first question is: HAS ANYONE FOUND THEY CAN TOLERATE POTATOES, EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN'T TOLERATE OTHER NIGHTSHADES?

Also, I always eat berries first thing every morning, and have never had a problem until today. I was eating blackberries, and have recently switched to strawberries. All of them have been from Trader Joe's. Then this morning I ate Driscoll's strawberries, and I have all the familiar symptoms. It's possible I am still reacting to the salsa from yesterday since my digestion issues are always constipation with makes the symptoms linger, and strawberries are the only thing that's been in my stomach today. I'm also aware of the strawberries grown in wheat grass issue. So, my second question is: DOES ANYONE HAVE INFORMATION ON WHICH BRANDS OF STRAWBERRIES ARE/AREN'T GROWN IN WHEAT GRASS?

Just as I think I'm getting ahead of the gluten issues, I find another food that makes me sick, another setback. I'm beyond disappointment, since I have a long history of food intolerances. I have a great Naturopathic Dr. I take two high quality Probiotics daily. I'm drinking Intenstinew Powder twice daily to repair my intestinal lining. I know with leaky gut the foods I can eat will increase in time. Gluten/food issues and constipation is a tough combination though. I'm tired of feeling sick. I'm so ready to get better and live a normal life again!

Any relevant comments are appreciated! Thanks!

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