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Oh Yes I Remember Now

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Feel like I really should be hit over the head with a very large hammer. Have been very ill for 5+ days. Gastric distress! This happens about twice a year and I deal with it and move on. However, this time is the worst. Went to my doctor and she says have you been paying attention to a celiac diet? Um no, kind of forgot about it...

My diagnosis was in 2005 with a biopsy. I was very strict for quite a while and felt much better for months. Then life intervened and I went through my second cancer diagnosis with Cemo and radiation. After that year I really don't think I have thought about celiac again.

Talking to my sister today she also said it sounds like a celiac reaction. So I picked up my computer and came immediately to the web sits. Of course it all fits. I feel dumb...

I also feel like a new diagnosis all over again. Are there suggestions or sample menus on how to get quickly back on track and get my GI track back to feeling better?

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Yes, there are several threads on here with samples of what to eat.

First of all, it is best to stick to whole foods like meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits and nuts. If your system is too bad, you might have trouble with digesting raw vegetables for a while but that should be temporary.

What's for Breakfast?

What's for Lunch?

What's for Dinner?

What's for Dessert?

These are threads that have been running here for a while and are very popular and help give people ideas of what to eat. You can just type them in the Search bar and they will pop up with lots of suggestions.

Welcome back to your gluten free Life!

You should be feeling so much better really soon.

Remember some people cannot handle dairy in the initial stages of healing...just in case you use dairy and find yourself still sick. Hope you feel better soon.

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