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In Hindsight, Anyone Regret Skipping The Endoscopy?

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Wanted to give everyone an update. We decided to go ahead with the endoscopy and it couldn't have gone better!!!! I'm so relieved we did it. Our GI is very caring and as the mother of a toddler herself, she made the whole separation as easy as possible. My daughter is very attached to us but she was willing to let the doctor carry her to the procedure room. All she remembers is the doctor asking her to blow a balloon.

It's only been a few hours and she's back to her old self. Hope I'm not jinxing anything!

Now we have to wait and see what the biopsies tell us. Regardless we are going gluten-free as of today because her antibodies were high so I don't need damage to prove to me that she has celiac.

Curious if the scope gave you any additional results?


Self: IBS and lactose intolerant, undiagnosed further.
DD (24months): 10/2012 - "Functional Diarrhea"

                                 3/2013 - soy allergy confirmed

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