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I've seen lots of people ask about waffles and lots of people who can not recommend Vans waffles enough. When we finally found a toaster for under $10 (my requirement) I told my husband that we'd head to the health food store and pick up a box of Vans because it's what everybody says is good. Well he was sure that Krusteaz made gluten free waffles and that Wal-Mart had them. Sure, I said, Wal-Mart sells gluten free waffles. :rolleyes: I made some faces and sure we were wasting our time followed him down the freezer aisle. Sure enough though, there they were. Better still, they were GOOD! And a little over a buck cheaper than Vans which I have still not tried and frankly probably never will if I don't see them on sale.

So anywho, if anyone is looking for a tasty and mildly cheaper alternative to Vans, Krusteaz are pretty tasty waffles. No funny aftertaste or anything and they toast up pretty nicely. They do have soy in them, so if you can't have soy don't get your hopes up or anything.

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