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Gluten, Beer, Kissing

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Hi everyone,

I'm dating someone new and when I showed up for our date last week he was drinking a beer. Sigh. I have the policy that I will not kiss someone who has been drinking beer for 4-5 hours. Brushing teeth, chewing gum, gargling, it just doesn't feel like enough. If he was eating gluten food then brushing teeth and rinsing would feel OK, but beer is a coating. I am very sensitive and I do so much to avoid cross-contamination, I don't want to endanger myself. We had a pretty awkward conversation about this afterward and at the end of the day, I plan to stick with how I feel about this. But I am also curious about how you deal with kissing a loved one if he or she has consumed beer. . . what do you consider safe, especially if you are sensitive?


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