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Glutened And It Was Even A Good Meal.

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Pretty sure I got glutened eating out tonight. Went to a local BBQ place. Asked the waitress about gluten free items. She said everything but bread, cornbread, and fried items (shared frier) should be fine. She answered right away, w/out hesitation, so I got the impression she knew what she was taking about. I got the pulled pork (w/out bread..it's usually open faced), black beans w/ rice, and corn. Well, by the time my family had finished our meals I was bloated and uncomfortable. Maybe it wasn't gluten free or more likely it was cc in the kitchen.

I told DH once in the car that I think I got glutened. I haven't felt the immediate bloating after a meal in quite while, so really, I know I was. I said to DH, that the saddest part of it all was that it wasn't even a great meal. Actually not even average. It was pretty blah. If I knew I was going to feel like junk after eating dinner I would have skipped the BBQ and gone right for a Dunkin Donut or cheesecake or cookie dough ice cream LOL!

We'll see what tomorrow brings. Thankfully I don't get vomiting or immediate diarrhea, so I can chalk this up to unfortunate but not horrible. And I'll cross that restaurant off my list of places to go.

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I'm sorry! That's always the way it is! If we are gonna be sick, it would be so much better to have had something wonderful and delicious that we have missed, not kjust a mediocre meal! Hope you bounce back quickly!

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