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Angel M

Symptoms (Or Lack There Of)

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I have another post regarding my diagnosis, but I wanted to post my symptoms questions separately because the other post was so long. I have been gluten free for about 6 months, but I haven't noticed any changes in the way I feel. I don't think I felt bad before going gluten free. I know that some people don't necessarily have symptoms or maybe have symptoms that are hard to notice. I think that makes it difficult in knowing if you are taking in any gluten. There has been one time that I'm 100% sure I could have experienced cross contamination. This occurred when I used the non gluten free peanut butter jar at home, not realizing that was the jar I was using. I didn't notice any symptoms after this happened. Also, I would imagine that at some point in the last 6 months when I've been out to eat, I've been exposed to gluten. I just have a hard time believing that I am perfect at never accidentally eating something that has been in contact with gluten.

So, I feel a little frustrated because I could be eating something that is still damaging my intestines, but I'll never know because I don't recognize any symptoms. Maybe I'm not in tune with my body enough? I was gluten free when I went through my testing (You can read my other post to understand my testing process.), so I wonder if I should try to eat a normal diet for a short time to see if I notice a difference. I don't think I will though.

Is there any one else who has not noticed a difference after going gluten free? How do you ensure that you aren't taking in any gluten? Or do you just do the best you can when ordering at restaurants?

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Yes, there are other people on the board who are "silent celiacs". I am not sure how they deal with it, except to just be careful. Not an easy answer I guess. Maybe some of them will jump in to discuss. If you search on "silent celiac" you may find other threads about it.

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