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Foster Farms Hot Dogs Looked gluten-free, But Tonight I Had A Reaction.

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Here is a link that will give you the number to call them and info on their products.


"Our fresh natural chicken, turkey and individually frozen chicken are gluten-free. Our ground chicken and turkey with natural flavors contain only spice extractives and are also gluten-free.

For our other products, please check the individual packages for ingredient statements. If you are unsure, call our Foster Farms Helpline at 1-800-255-7227 to confirm that a specific product is gluten-free."

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Has anyone called to check if they are gluten-free? Thanks.

Sometimes the food is not the issue but how you cooked it. If you grilled them on a grill or used utensils that gluten foods were also cooked on you may get a gluten reaction.

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