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Gluten Free In Athens, Greece?

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Going to Athens for a holiday very last minute! Leaving tomorrow afternoon and arriving in the evening.

This will be my first time out of the country since realising I cannot eat gluten, so I am a little nervous. I will be in a hotel, so no apartment to cook in :(

Has anyone been before? Do you have any tips for being gluten free abroad, any meals to recommend?(I will eat anything except gluten!)

Thanks everyone :)

- K x

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We travel a lot but have not been to Greece since my diagnosis. I have, however, been to other European countries. I would recommend frequenting markets for fresh produce. I also highly recommend printing out restaurant cards in Greek to give to those preparing your food. Not only that but take along lots of snacks for airports and flights. The airports I fly into have almost no options and the gluten-free food on flights can be atrocious (and not necessarily safe - read labels). I would also take along a loaf of your favourite bread.

Have a wonderful time!

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