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Genetic Test Results - I Admit Defeat

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Hello everyone,

I received my genetic test results. I've read everything I can, tried everything to figure out the results but I'm still not sure. I believe I'm double DQ6 or maybe DQ1/DQ6.

I know some members are very good at doing this so hopefully someone can shed some light.

Thank you!

HLA-DQB1 0601

HLA-DQB1 0604



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This is very close to my typing. You are Double DQ1 subtype (6/6) More prone to Neurological gluten problems.... such as Gluten Ataxia, peripheral neuropathy ect....

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Hi Roxie,

Thank you for answering my question. I do have the neuro problems (even had a brain tumor a few years ago that they are researching it's connection to gluten.) the problem is, I have all the digestive issues as well. I'm dificent in multiple vitamins, live with chronic D, adrenal gland issues, gurgling, cramping etc.. Ive been gluten free 10 weeks and dairy free 3. My doc has asked me to stop eating corn as well - this is overwhelming! I am feeling better and migraines have all but dissapeared. They are my marker for when I get glutened - usually after eating out which I do little of these days.

My gastro convinced me to do a scope but didnt do a biopsy because he said if it is celiac he can see it without a biopsy! That's not true from what I've read. Anyway, does anyone know if you can have celiac with double dq1 genes. My PCP believes we should treat it as such based on the symptoms alone and advised I never eat gluten again.

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