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Chronic Gastritis - How Long To Heal?

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My daughter has come off another medication - Hooray!!! She was on Creon for pancreatic insufficiency. Other than her growth hormone injections, we are down to one daily medication (from 5) for her chronic gastritis. What is the typical healing time for Chronic Gastritis? She has been gluten free since the end of March. Would love for her to be medication free.

By the way, her ped GI still does not think that gluten sensitivity could be the "diagnosis" because (and I quote) - "No child has ever been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity." He could care less that being gluten free has changed her life and she is no longer in constant pain.

Daughter, age 9, is gluten sensitive, growth hormone deficient, pancreatic insufficient (now resolved), severe lactose intolerance, and other food sensitivities
Blood test/biopsy negative for celiac disease
Enterolab positive for gluten sensitivity
DQ7 and DQ9

Gluten Free since March 2012

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