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Hello all!

I came across the site, below, and I found it incredibly informative. The site belongs to Krispin Sullivan (a well-credentialed nutritionist).

TONS of information! TONS!

It will take some time, but you really should read through her site/info. I, personally, loved reading the sections on magnesium and thyroid!

I truly believe that many of you will find this info relevant/helpful...lots of answers to lots of questions we all have (or should have).

I came across her site while researching magnesium. One thing I learned that was fascinating to me (during all of my research) is that magnesium deficiency testing is a lot like gluten sensitivity testing...not definitive and magnesium deficiency is often underdiagnosed. The main reason is that serology (blood) testing "misses" deficiencies because only 1% of magnesium levels are found in blood...99% is stored in tissues/organs.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share it...who knows who it might help?



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