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Cara in Boston

Lyme Disease Looks A Lot Like Celiac!

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We have been struggling for the past year - but mostly in the past 2 months - with my son still complaining of general symptoms (fatigue, stomach pain, joint pain) almost daily AND horrible behavior (tantrums, irritable, short temper) often. These are all typical of how he responds to accidental glutening and we have been going nuts trying to find the source. We just assumed it was all related to his celiac. When his blood tests came back good, we began to wonder if perhaps there was something else going on.

Yesterday, he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease! While this sounds alarming, we are so happy to have figured out this mystery. Three weeks on antibiotics and we should have our happy boy back.

If it were not for his celiac, we would have been actively looking for a cause much earlier.

Just thought I'd post in case our experience can help someone else.


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I hope he feels better really soon. Thanks for posting...sometimes we forget it isn't always a Celiac reaction! Good thing you kept searching for the answer!

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