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Glutened...what To Do?

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Please help me! Been gluten free for 18 months since diagnosis. Wendy's website says their frosties are gluten free. Lots of stress going on. My daughter didn't eat hers. I looked it up (didnt think myself very sensitive). Yay, gluten free! Gobbled it up. Sick within the hour. My mom checked the ingredients: malt. That was Wednesday night. It's Sunday morning and very little improvement. I'm terrified to eat anything. Drinking gatorade. Please give me some ideas of what meds, foods, drinks, etc that help you...

I will not be this careless again!

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Your mom got bad information, sorry. There is not malt in Frostys. There is not gluten in Frostys. I eat them frequently, way more than I should and never get sick. Many of us here do. Here is a link to what is actually in a Frosty. Wendy's is one of the good guys fast food places. They're awesome about CC practices and are very forthcoming about what is and isn't safe for us and keep updated lists available to us online.

If you had anything else there it is possible something else made you sick. It also isn't safe (imo) to have the shakes since they use a communal stirrer to mix them and not all shake ingredients are gluten free.

As for what will make you feel better? I'm really not sure more than time. Certainly treat your symptoms, but other than that there is little to be done but wait it out.

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